Payment Options
PMCI understands that students need a wide range of financial tools to fund school. Initially, each student is required to select a payment option per the enrollment agreement established for each class. Based on the option selected, PMCI assists in educating students regarding funding sources provided internally and externally. Some payment options require a Personal Guarantee and Authorization Forms and include a balloon payment before graduation. Details on these financial options can be found in the school catalog (which is found under the Disclosures page on this website).
Title IV & Loans and Governmental Aide
Title IV is the Student Assistance code that allows students to receive Federal Aid in the form of Grants and Loans for Higher Education purposes. PMCI currently does not participate in any State or Federal financial aid program. For qualified students, the Workforce Investment Act, Cal Works, the Department of Rehabilitation and the VA will provide financial assistance since PMCI is a provider for these governmental aide programs.
Tuition Financing Coporation
Tuition Financing Corporation (TFC) is a third-party entity that assists in establishing payment options for students when interest is being charged. Interest will be charged to any student that chooses a payment option where a balance will be owed after the final day of class. These options are also shown in detail in the school catalog located under the Disclosures section on this website. Once selected, a student will sign a separate TFC contract and begin making payments as arranged in the agreement. Questions regarding TFC Options should be directed to the Finance Office.
Personal Loans
PMCI encourages students to seek personal loans at local banks and credit unions. However, if a student obtains a loan to pay for an educational program, the student has the responsibility to repay the full amount of the loan plus any interest, less the amount of any refund. Typically, loans received from outside sources such as a bank or credit union will have a lower interest rate than the amount PMCI would charge through the TFC option.
Discounts and Scholarships
PMCI offers a variety of scholarships and discounts for the VN Program. A 5% discount is taken off of regular tuition costs when a student pays in full for the VN Program before the end of the first full month of class or pays for the NA Program in full before the end of the second week of class. This date is identified and coordinated with PMCI’s Finance Office based on the payment option the student chooses per the enrollment agreement.
PMCI Scholarship applications will be available once a student has been accepted into the nursing program. Scholarships are awarded to VN students in the form of tuition reduction per semester. For example, if a student receives a $2000 scholarship and is enrolled in a full four semester VN program $500 will be applied to each semester. Specific PMCI Scholarship information can be found in the school catalog located under the Disclosures page on this website. Students are also encouraged to visit the Health Professions Education Foundation website at for information regarding state funded scholarships. All awards and in-house scholarships are contingent upon a student completing the program. No awards and or discounts of any type will be given for those who withdraw from a program. All discounts and scholarships will be removed if a student does not complete the program.
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