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Licensed Vocational Nurse

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Where: PMCI
Length: 16 Months
Course: Vocational Nursing
Lab: Yes
PMCI's Vocational Nursing Program gives students the education and hands-on training to provide professional care to the sick, injured, convalescent and disabled under the direction of physicians and registered nurses. Our program consists of 4 semesters. Please call 866-500-6274 for a tour and additional information. Transfers from other LVN and RN programs are welcome to apply for credit granting.

Vocational Nurses are an important part of a health care team responsible for patient care, medical treatment, rehabilitation, assesment and patient education. They perform patient assessment, provide medications, treatments and all nursing care.

Graduates of PMCI's Vocational Nursing Program will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the competencies related to assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing care.
  • Safely perform basic therapeutic and preventative nursing procedures incorporating the fundamental biological and psychological principles in giving individualized, holistic care.
  • Apply therapeutic communication techniques in the health care setting.
  • Accept professional responsibility when caring for patiens.
  • Contribute to the identification of basic physical, emotional and cultural needs of patients.
  • Plan and participate in health-related teaching for the patient and family.
  • Safely administer medications and treatments with a basic knowledge of the actions, side effects and purpose of each.
  • Safely calculate medication dosages at all times.
  • Develop personal philosophies that will enhance the practice of Vocational Nursing by commitment to participation in self-study and continuing education.
  • Meet the ethical, moral and legal criteria when caring for patients.
  • Share assigned responsibility for health care delivery in various health care settings.
  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses and seek assistance for improvement of performance when necessary.
Spring, Fall

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Professional Medical Career Institute’s Vocational Nursing Program is an intensive nursing program approved by the California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians. The Program’s hours include anatomy and physiology, nutrition, gerontology, medical surgical nursing, maternity, pediatrics, pharmacology, psychology, nursing theory, and supervised clinical nursing experiences in hospitals, nursing facilities, clinics, rehabilitation centers, surgical centers and psychiatric facilities.

Concepts of the fundamentals of nursing, medical terminology, professional responsibility, nutrition and pharmacology are integrated in the first semester of the training.

Nursing care of clients with varied adult medical-surgical conditions and psychiatric disorders, pharmacology, gerontology and communicable disease prevention is integrated throughout the second and third semesters of the program.

The fourth semester includes training in pediatrics and the care of maternity patients and newborn infants. After successful completion of the program, the student is eligible to take the licensure examination provided by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCLEX®-PN).

Career Opportunities

A nation-wide shortage of nurses has created a tremendous demand for available LVNs. As a well-trained professional, you can expect to enjoy flexible hours, job security and a stable income in such environments as acute-care facilities, long-term nursing and rehabilitation facilities, as well as home health care and hospice nursing.

Admissions Requirements

Submission of the following documents are required before an applicant is eligible for the VN Program selection process:

  • PMCI Enrollment Application
  • HS diploma, official transcript with graduation date or GED certificate or college diploma.

Program Approval

Professional Medical Careers Institute’s Vocational Nursing Program is fully approved by the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians and the Board of Private Post-Secondary Education. The CNA program is approved by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).

Level I

Level one is approximately 16 weeks and provides an introduction to the nursing profession, process and principles, basic medical-surgical theory and selected basic nursing skills. In addition, the basic sciences forming the foundation for nursing practice are taught. At this level, the student is expected to master certain clinical skills including treatments and monitoring of vital signs and blood sugar. They will learn to complete a head to toe assessment on patients. During this level, the clinical focus is on meeting the basic needs of adults functioning at their maximum level of wellness. Principles of pharmacology and calculations of medications are also introduced. After 8 weeks of extensive training students are placed in clinical facilities with RN instructors where they provide basic care and treatments to patients.

Level II

Level two is approximately 16 weeks. The focus is on patients who are acutely ill and/or have more complex problems and gerontology. Students learn about various drugs, and administering principles. Clinical experiences include care of medical-surgical patients. The student is expected to apply the nursing process in providing holistic care for patients in a variety of conditions or settings. Clinical experiences include safe administration of medications and treatments within the scope of the LVN.

Level III

Level three is approximately 16 weeks. Students concentrate on assisting patients with common health problems using a variety of therapeutic nursing interventions. At this level, clinical experiences include care of patients with surgical interventions and medical and mental health/illnesses. The student is expected to consider the physical, psychological, and social needs of patients and relate theory knowledge to clinical situations. Clinical transition to the role of the graduate vocational nurse is also included. Students will continue to master nursing skills and provide primary patient care to learn about the specific medications and treatments used to treat common health problems.

Level IV

Level IV is approximately 15 weeks. During this semester students will focus on a variety of patients including neonatal, pediatric, maternity, GYN, and psychiatric. Students will demonstrate mastery of all nursing skills previously learned and will be able to provide primary nursing care for four or five patients at clinical sites and up to two patients in specialty areas. They will continue to learn about medications and treatments.