Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI)

PMCI uses the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) for our Vocational Nursing students to assist learning throughout the program. From the entrance exam (TEAS) to the Skills Modules Series that is utilized during each section of the program and finally with the Comprehensive PN Predictor Test which the graduated student along with the director can use to assess whether the student is ready for the NCLEX.

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

The TEAS test is a standardized, multiple-choice exam that tests the essential skills of students entering our Vocational Nursing Program. The test for PMCI consists of questions in Math, English and Language. All prospective Vocational Nursing students must take the TEAS (or an equivalent entrance exam) before being accepted into the program. A score of at least 50% is required. All Students interested in taking the TEAS (or checking which tests may be equivalent) may contact PMCI Administration.

Skills Modules Series

The Skills Modules Series for PMCI’s Vocational Nursing program allows students to apply their critical-thinking skills for patient care. The series is an assessment-driven, online, self-study learning package that is continually updated and includes how-to videos of nursing skills, practice challenges, evidence-based research summaries and more. Additionally, the program covers situations that may not arise in actual clinical time, so nursing students will be prepared for the unexpected as well as the expected. Students will use this series in conjunction with classroom theory and hands-on clinical experience to achieve a well-rounded education.

Comprehensive PN Predictor Test

Once a student completes PMCI’s Vocational Nursing program they are required to take the Comprehensive PN Predictor Test. This test is a proctored assessment comprised of multiple-choice questions to help determine a student’s preparedness for the NCLEX. Students may take the PN Predictor Test (also known as the exit exam) twice at PMCI. Eligibility for a second test requires proof of remediation by addressing all missed topics from the first exam in short essay form.

Students using the virtual ATI educational tools will receive a green light from their ATI coach when they are deemed ready to pass the NCLEX. ATI shows that students who receive the green light before they test had a 13% higher chance of passing the NCLEX than other students.


PMCI offers test remediation to its Vocational Nursing students. Students who fall below the acceptable passing mark will be given remediation on a weekly basis. Remediation will also be given to students who have fallen behind in clinical skills on a weekly basis. Remediation sessions will be held on Fridays or after class. All homework must be completed before a test re-take. Students who fail an exam may re-take the test after remediation once. The highest grade available on a repeat exam is 77% - or a grade of C. Test re-takes must be completed within 2 weeks of the exam.

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