Basic Nursing Caregiver

The Basic Nursing – Caregiving course at Professional Medical Careers Institute will provide information and hands on experience for those who wish to obtain employment as caregivers in home health and assisted living environments.

The Basic Nursing – Caregiving course is excellent for those who want to be skilled in basic nursing for home use. Additionally, instruction will also prepare participants for advanced nursing classes in RN and LVN programs. Participants will learn about the techniques involved in providing personal and self-care support

Topics include the following: Patient rights, professionalism, communication, patient safety, infection control, body mechanics, grooming and hygiene, basic medical terminology, nutrition, skin care, bed making, vital signs and documentation. Other topics include assisting with activities, basic first aid, dementia and rehabilitative care, common disorders and basic anatomy. Participants will also be certified in healthcare provider CPR.

This course will help you gain the skills necessary to help people with a variety of health and disability related activities as a home care or assisted living care provider.

Those completing the course will receive a certificate in basic nursing and caregiving totaling 75 hours of training necessary for proposed new state requirements.

Course Content:

  • The Health Care System
  • The role of the nursing assistant
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Communication Skills
  • Infection Control and Communicable Diseases
  • Workplace Safety
  • Patient and Resident rights
  • Positioning, lifting and transferring safely
  • Basic First Aid and Emergency Care
  • Healthcare Provider CPR
  • Bed-making, cleanliness, grooming and patient hygiene
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Assisting with bowel and urinary elimination
  • Caring for the dying and terminally ill patient
  • Basic body structure and function (basic anatomy)
  • Common disorders, recognition of signs and symptoms
  • Caring for patients with developmental disorders
  • Caring for people with dementia
  • Caring for people with HIV and Cancer
  • Caring for surgical patients
  • Patient activity, range of motion exercises
  • Introduction to medical terminology and Introduction to home health and home care
  • Vital Signs, weights and measures

In addition to theory the class also has hands-on labs where participants will actually learn how to perform the basic skills learned in the lecture. The course consists of about 75 hours of training in the classroom.

The class is in conjunction with the Nurse Assistant course at Professional Medical Careers Institute but does not contain the 100 hour clinical component. Those who want to obtain State Certification for the CNA may continue with the training for an additional fee (a physical and live scan is required for the CNA course).

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