Westlake Nursing School, PMCI, Awarded Accreditation

Professional Medical Careers Institute (PMCI), a nursing school in Westlake Village, was awarded accreditation from the Board of Vocational Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians this week. This decision was based on years of high pass rates and compliance to state requirements. With pass rates as high as 91%. The school is also accredited by the Board of Private Post Secondary Education. PMCI offers vocational nursing programs, nursing assistant programs, IV therapy and continuing education for nurses. For more information call us at 805-497-4064 for any help, questions or calendar updates. You can also download our catalog, enrollment agreements, request email communication and information by going to our contact page at http://www.pmcicareers.com/contact/

Letter From Director

On behalf of the faculty and staff at Professional Medical Careers Institute of California (PMCI), Welcome! The purpose of the catalog is to acquaint students with curricular design, objectives, policies, and procedures as they prepare to enroll at PMCI. We reserve the right to adjust, change and update policies as necessary for student success and Institutional accreditation and improvement. We believe that students successfully attain educational goals when they have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and adhere to established policies.

We believe that healthcare providers perform a vital service to individuals, families, and society. The Vocational Nurse, Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aid, and IV Therapy Aid are integral components of the health care team and PMCI's training. Our philosophy acknowledges that individuals have intrinsic dignity and self-worth and are complex beings with specific physical and diverse social, cultural and spiritual needs. Everyone, therefore, has the right to seek an optimal level of well-being that includes attention to physical, psychological, spiritual, cultural and social needs. Nursing is a profession based on principles taken from the biological, physical and behavioral sciences and nursing care is an art that maintains human dignity and is based upon genuine concern, compassion and caring. The profession is based on timeless principles and fundamental ethical standards that require personal integrity and professional accountability.

Learning is ongoing throughout life and the study of Nursing should be an interactive process between student and instructor. Education is a lifelong process which enhances personal and professional growth. Students should be encouraged to continue to pursue educational goals throughout life. Nursing Education requires mastery of select competencies to prepare the student for the role of a nurse. The practice of Nursing uses critical thinking to develop interventions to promote health, prevent illness, and provide care to culturally diverse individuals of all ages using the nursing process.

It is the Nursing Program Director's responsibility to establish and uphold standards of quality education. The Nursing faculty shares in this commitment as they carry out the responsibilities to plan, organize, facilitate, supervise and evaluate learning experiences. The student is an active participant in the educational process and is responsible for his/her own learning progress while demonstrating professional behavior and growth.

The nursing faculty collectively recognizes the dignity and worth of individuals and believes that nursing education should be available to all who are capable of achieving the required competencies and expectations. The nursing faculties have defined the following terms as part of their philosophical beliefs regarding nursing and nursing education. Please take the time to read and understand this philosophy and catalog for the benefit of your education.



Dr. Helen Taylor, RN, JD - Program Director

You can view our catalog at anytime by clicking this link: PMCI Catalog 2018 

Please call us at 805-497-4064 for any help, information or calendar updates. You can also download our catalog, enrollment agreements, request email communication and information by going to our contact page at http://www.pmcicareers.com/contact/

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