Westlake Nursing School, PMCI, Awarded Accreditation

April 10, 2015

Professional Medical Careers Institute (PMCI), a nursing school in Westlake Village, was awarded 4 years of accreditation from the Board of Vocational Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians this week. This decision was based on years of high pass rates and compliance to state requirements. Pass rates for 2013 were 91% and 80% in 2014. The school is also accredited by the Board of Private Post Secondary Education. PMCI offers vocational nursing programs, nursing assistant programs, IV therapy and continuing education for nurses. For more information visit their website at www.pmcicareers.com or call 805-497-4064. 

Directors Corner by Helen Taylor

This morning as I write to those who are entering or thinking about nursing school.  I know how tough and challenging nursing school can be.  I wanted to share a bit of encouragement from one of our students who has just graduated from PMCI’s vocational nursing program.  To keep her identity private, we will call our new LVN Peggy.  Here is a short story from Peggy’s first introduction to nursing school.


“Coming into the program, I didn’t know what to expect. I had some doubts and a lot of questions and I was so worried.  I asked myself, ‘Can I handle the challenges my instructors expect of me?  Will I complete the program and meet my goals?’  With those questions I felt it was time to map out a strategy.  I decided to take great notes, attend every class, and always follow my instructor’s directions and advice.  Plus, another great tool was to use the tutors offered at PMCI. The tutors were so helpful that when I took my first test I aced it.  I have never gotten an “A” on a test but it happened with the help of my tutors at PMCI.

 “My education at PMCI has helped me so much. It is tough, but it gave me the right training and the confidence to go into the world. I learned to never quit. If it gets too tough, ask questions, seek help and above all talk to your instructors.  Several of my instructors stayed late after class to answer my questions.”

“Now that I’m finished with the program I definitely recommend PMCI nursing school to others. It’s not just about the Vocational Nursing certificate; this program prepared me for the world. I feel so proud to say “Professional Medical Careers Institute” taught me how to be an LVN.”

“When I get a smile from a patient I know I am doing a good job.  There are so many rewards at being an LVN that at the end of the day I feel fulfilled.

Thank you PMCI!

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