Westlake Nursing School, PMCI, Awarded Accreditation

Professional Medical Careers Institute (PMCI), a nursing school in Westlake Village, was awarded accreditation from the Board of Vocational Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians this week. This decision was based on years of high pass rates and compliance to state requirements. With pass rates as high as 91%. The school is also accredited by the Board of Private Post Secondary Education. PMCI offers vocational nursing programs, nursing assistant programs, IV therapy and continuing education for nurses. For more information call us at 805-497-4064 for any help, questions or calendar updates. You can also download our catalog, enrollment agreements, request email communication and information by going to our contact page at http://www.pmcicareers.com/contact/

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Letter From Director

On behalf of the faculty and staff at Professional Medical Careers Institute of California (PMCI), Welcome! The purpose of the catalog is to acquaint students with curricular design, objectives, policies, and procedures as they prepare to enroll at PMCI. We reserve the right to adjust, change and up... Read More »
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Words of Encouragement from Doctor Helen Taylor R.N.

This morning as I write to those who are entering or thinking about nursing school.  I know how tough and challenging nursing school can be.  I wanted to share a bit of encouragement from our students who have just graduated from PMCI’s vocational nursing program.   "At fi... Read More »
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LVN to RN Bridge Programs

LVN to RN Bridge Programs - Could Help Nursing Shortage What a shame that thousands of prospective nursing students are routinely turned away from California nursing programs, especially with our state suffering a severe nursing shortage. The governor of California signed legislation mandating tha... Read More »
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Upcoming Live CE Classes

Upcoming Live CE Classes At Professional Medical Careers Institute   All approved by the NAC #6867   Acute Care Nursing 12 CEU Home Health 28 CEU Psychiatric Nursing 4 CEU Restorative Nurse Assistant/Supervisor 16 CEU Wound Care 16 CEU   You can view our catalog at anyti... Read More »
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Nursing and CE classes are OPEN at PMCI – VA approved – Transfers welcome

Nursing and CE classes are OPEN at PMCI – VA approved – Transfers welcome Thank you for your interest in a nursing education at Professional Medical Careers Institute. We currently have openings in upcoming CNA, LVN & CE classes.  Credit granting is given to transfers from oth... Read More »
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PMCI Testimonials

What past Students have to say about their experiences at PMCI “I loved my experience at PMCI. If I had to do the LVN program all over again I would do it. “(PB) “I want to thank everyone at this amazing school. I had no idea what I was getting myself into that first day but I ma... Read More »
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Certified Nurse Assistants

Certified Nurse Assistants, Acute Care Assistants, Psychiatric Nurse Assistants and Certified Home Health Technicians. Nurse assistants are important health care professionals who handle day-to-day care of patients. There is currently high demand for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), Acute Care ... Read More »
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